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伯利茲是中美洲一個迷人的國家,位於加勒比海東海岸。它北部與墨西哥接壤,西部和南部與危地馬拉接壤。伯利茲面積約 22,966 平方公里(8,867 平方英里),約有 40 萬名多元化人口。


Belize enjoys a tropical climate, characterized by warm temperatures year-round. The dry season typically spans from November to May, offering sunny skies and pleasant weather, while the wet season occurs from June to November, bringing occasional rainfall and the possibility of tropical storms.

The culture of Belize is a vibrant mosaic influenced by its Mayan, African, European, and Caribbean roots. English is the official language, but Spanish, Creole, Garifuna, and Maya languages are also widely spoken. Belize's rich cultural heritage is celebrated through diverse music, dance, and festivals, such as the Garifuna Settlement Day, Carnival, and the September Celebrations.

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